Scott, Arkansas Photographer | Kaytlin + Ben

Being Kaytlin and Ben's photographer over the years has been one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. The relationships and friendships I've made are priceless to me. I was so thrilled when Kaytlin texted me a few months ago, asking to setup a spring session for her and Ben! I was excited to get them in front of my camera again, and to also make a custom order for some macarons! That's right! Kaytlin is the founder and owner of Joyful Macarons ( in Searcy, Arkansas! It's such a blessing, to have insanely talented friends!! I highly recommend placing an order with Kaytlin for some joy!!! (Joy, 'Merica, and Strawberries and Cream are my personal favorite flavors.) Enjoy the photos, everyone! Be sure to leave them some love!! 

Kayleigh Ross