Downtown Little Rock Proposal | Mackenzie + Parker

I was absolutely ecstatic a few weeks ago when Mackenzie's mom emailed me about photographing her and Parker's proposal!! I knew it was going to be beautiful and perfect but when I arrived to The Capital Hotel in Little Rock yesterday evening, the sweet, intimate set up and scenery blew my mind!! The weather was PERFECT and it was a gorgeous, sunshine filled day in the heart of Arkansas for these two love birds to get engaged. Here's a story on how Parker pulled it off from the newly engaged Mackenzie herself... 

"Last night I found out that Parker’s mom had bought us tickets to go see Mama Mia. So we decided to go to dinner at the Capital Hotel and then go see the play afterwards. I told my friend, Kenna, that we were going to see the play and that Parker wasn’t super excited but I thought it would be so fun! 

So anyways, Parker came to pick me up for dinner and I was trying to decide on which shoes to wear and Parker was saying “come on babe. We’re going to be late” and I kept saying “don’t worry babe, we have plenty of time. It’s okay if we’re a little late.” Once we got to the restaurant, it was around 5:00 and Parker told me the restaurant didn’t open until 5:00 and nobody was at the front desk yet so he saying let’s just wait a minute and walk around for a little while. Well it worked out perfectly because I told Parker “There’s this super pretty balcony upstairs that I had my pictures taken at once” (which worked out perfectly bc Parker said he was going to try to have to come up with a reason for us to go upstairs to the balcony ). Well once we got upstairs I saw that something was set up on the balcony so I was like “we better not go out there babe. I think someone is having something special” but then there were 2 people sitting out there so I was like maybe we can (turned out to be Kayleigh!) So we got closer I saw that there was a picture of us from the night he asked me to be his girlfriend! He led me out on the balcony and had me turn towards him. Then he held both of my hands and said “Mackenzie, I love you so much and I’ve known I wanted to marry you from the first night we met. You’re so beautiful, inside and out, smart, and funny. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world and I love you more than anything. (A bunch of other sweet stuff I don’t remember) and then he was like “I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and so the real reason I brought you here tonight is to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” and then he got down on one knee and said “Mackenzie Powers, will you marry me?” and then of course I said yes and I was shaking so bad!! I was so surprised and was still somewhat in shock. I couldn’t believe we were engaged! After we hugged and talked for a minute, wine was brought out and he told me all the stories of how he’d been planning the engagement and all the ring shopping he had done to find the perfect one. We took a few more pictures and then all of our family was downstairs waiting to have dinner and celebrate together at the one eleven restaurant in the Capital hotel!! It was so perfect and sweet💗😍 It surpassed all my expectations and it was even more perfect because Kayleigh was able to capture every perfect moment. We were so excited to get a few of our photos back and be able to post them that night and announce OUR ENGAGEMENT!"

Kayleigh Ross