Kaytlin + Ben | Las Vegas Photographer

It's official: I am the luckiest gal in the world!!

Kaytlin and Ben are some WONDERFUL friends/clients of mine here in Arkansas. Every anniversary, they take a trip to a new place that they've never been before. They normally hire a photographer in every city to do a photoshoot of them while they're there to document and remember their trip by! Well, a few months ago - Kaytlin texted me! She asked me if it would even be a POSSIBILITY for me to go WITH them on their vacations and do their photoshoots!! 

Um. Little did she know, just a few weeks before she texted me, I had started praying and thinking about how I could start traveling and shooting people in different cities, different locations, and different parts of the world. She LITERALLY answered my prayers. 

So, needless to say - WE WENT TO VEGAS!!!! We did 3 photoshoots in 3 different areas of Vegas to capture the aesthetic of the city, and I'm just itching to go back! Session #1 took place at Red Rock Canyon. Session #2 took place at The Neon Boneyard Museum and the murals down off Fremont Street. And session #3 took place on Las Vegas Blvd. I'm so thankful for Kaytlin and Ben and for the opportunity they gave me to see another part of the United States and not only did I get to see it, I got to photograph them in it. I couldn't ask for more.